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What does your dental practice look like?

Most people don’t actually realise this, but you don’t have to go old-school or traditional with how your dental practice looks. Most dental practice owners, especially new ones, need to realise that traditional doesn’t necessarily mean successful anymore. What do you want your dental practice to look like? What do you want your dental practice […]

Accountancy and Tax

The Game Changer in your Practice Accounts

Make one payment to all your 30+ suppliers each month and save hours! Ok, I maybe sounding like a nerdy accountant, and think this is exciting for accounting, but to be honest it will save you a lot of time and money, if you commit and get your affairs streamlined onto Xero. For the last […]

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Help India Breathe

As I am sure most of you are aware, India is in the midst of a medical crisis. Hospitals are overwhelmed, oxygen is running out and the death toll is climbing rapidly.   After speaking to many of my relatives in India on Whatsapp, I strongly felt that we had to do whatever we could to […]

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Diversity in Dentistry in the UK

Is Dentistry as Diverse as You Think It Is? Try to think about what your dentist looked like when you were younger, can you remember? Was your dentist a male? Was your dentist a person of colour? If I was a betting man, I definitely know what I’d bet your dentist looked like.  Even though […]

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Free Stuff + Tesco’s!

The most excitement I seem to get these days is going to Tesco’s New Malden. Currently, I am living where I grew up, and going to Tesco reminds me of my school days, as my old school, Raynes Park High School, is right next to Tesco’s. During those school days, most lunchtimes, we would head […]

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Making a Business Interruption Insurance Claim

As a result of the recent Supreme Court announcement that small businesses can make a business interruption claim, this is good news for our Dental clients and other SME’s. We have detailed the steps you need to consider when making a Business Interruption Claim. But now the time has come that you need to file […]

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How Samera Makes Dental Accounts Simple

Covid-19 revolutionised the way many businesses operate overnight, forcing many into the digital world and accountancy was no exception to this. Like many office occupations, accounting is one of those that is heavily dependent on the use of paper, heavy into social contact and very heavy into how many hours are spent in the office. […]

Accountancy and Tax

Self employment grant – Round 3

For those of you that managed to secure a government grant for being self employed earlier in the year, make sure you claim your third tranche now. The government portal is now open, and you can make your claim for the SEISS grant – round 3. It’s all quite self explanatory and if you have […]

Raising Finance

Why Now May be the Best Time to Refinance

In these uncertain times that we are currently experiencing, of furloughs, lockdowns and COVID19, we have seen extra pressure on business finances.   Having spoken to several clients, it’s our view that this may be a good opportunity to review your current financial arrangements, such as your existing business loans. Why Would You Want to Refinance Your […]

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The Table – 18 Years On

This is the table I started the Samera business on 18 years back. Its teak, from John Lewis and bought in the 1970’s by my parents. It’s still standing strong, and so are we. Strong foundations in life and business make a huge difference. In those eighteen years we have experienced many highs and lows, […]


Trying to save UK jobs

Today, Rishi Sunak announced his latest endeavour to try and stave off a major calamity over the winter months by trying to minimise job losses over these difficult times. Whilst some may be hopeful about this initiative and that it will help many, others maybe thinking that this is just delaying the inevitable. Nevertheless, whatever […]

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No discount on beer!

Further news from the Treasury today highlighted that the government is trying to paint a picture of hope in the coming months despite the potential fear of job losses. In such a difficult economic environment, sadly there will be many that won’t be helped. However, the key announcements include: A new job retention bonus for […]


Interview with Arun Mehra in Good Money Guide

Providing business finance to the healthcare sector Why did you decide to set up Samera, and what’s been the best part so far? I started Samera from my dad’s dining table back in 2002. Initially, we started as a firm of Chartered Accountants for the Healthcare sector. Since those early days we have evolved significantly, now offering […]


Small Business Marketing Tips

As a small business owner, the one thing you probably lack is a large marketing budget, which is more than reasonable when considering that there are a hundred different things that require your full attention and resources. Which is why you should do your best to exhaust every other alternative before opting for a mainstream […]

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The whole is worth more than the sum of the parts

From Zero to Hero Dentistry in 2020: The year of collaboration On the 17th March, 2020, my wife Smita closed her private dental practices, like many, due to COVID 19. Just before she left her Wandsworth practice, the telephone rang, and it was somebody wanting to buy her successful private dental practices. Metaphorically, the paint […]

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Cash Flow Management in a Crisis Blog Page

Last Updated: 13th May 2020 at 17.15 This blog will be updated regularly for anyone seeking help and assistance on managing their business and cash flow during this crisis. Please bookmark and share this page as we are updating this regularly. Keep Safe. Keep Healthy. Keep Positive. Arun and the whole Samera Team Blog Content: […]

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Working from home

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Samera team are all now working remotely from home Our systems all work and it’s business as normal (as much as it can be). If you need to get hold of any of our team, email them directly, call their mobile number (if you have it) or contact […]

Business Advice

COVID-19 Business Help and Advice for Dental Practices

“Keep safe, keep healthy, and most importantly keep positive, don’t let fear dominate your life and your mindset” COVID-19 – Free Crisis Business Support Hotline 0207 100 8788 ALL HELP AND ADVICE PROVIDED VIA OUR HOTLINE IS COMPLETELY FREE As we continue to digest the constant news flow of COVID-19, I wanted to reach out […]

Raising Finance

Do you have concerns about UDA Clawbacks?

Are you worried about completing your NHS contract this year, could this have an impact on your businesses cash-flow position?  We know that UDAs can be missed for a number of reasons, such as a high performing associate leaving the practice or principle being unable to work due to illness, and this can cause issues […]

Raising Finance

Annual Investment Allowance

April’s year end is fast approaching, have you used your full Annual Investment Allowance for this tax year? The Annual investment allowance (AIA) gives businesses tax relief when purchasing assets such as plant and machinery i.e. dental chair. AIA allows you to claim back 100% tax relief on the asset purchased, which could help reduce […]

Business Advice

The 13 Books You Need to Read to Succeed

One of the many questions we are asked by clients is ‘what are the best books for business owners?’. Listed below is a selection by Arun Mehra, our CEO, which he has read and have helped him shape his thoughts and businesses.  Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins 7 Habits of Highly Effective People […]


The End of a Decade in UK Dentistry

What Happens Next in UK Dentistry? In this video, Arun discusses dentistry in the UK over the last decade and what he thinks will happen in the next 10 years in Dentistry – Enjoy! Keep up to date with all our latest videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel here and checking out our Learning […]

Raising Finance

7 Important Action Tips – Finance for Daycare Nurseries

Finance for Daycare Nurseries Parents are busier than ever, and childcare has become a necessity for many working parents, this has seen a growth in the need for more daycare nurseries in the UK. As you would imagine daycare nurseries are very highly regulated as they are responsible for the well-being of the children that […]


Teddie Puts a Smile on all our Faces

Teddie is a regular well loved visitor to our offices always putting a smile on all our faces! She’s transformed our lives in the last 18 months and even had a massive impact on the Samera business! She sits smiling on our team website page and in fact, was the reason two key team members […]

NHS Tendering

NHS Orthodontics tenders 2020 – is it too late?

NHS Orthodontics tenders are still viable, with commissioning in the North of England and Midlands and the East of England are still open.South of England and recently London results prove it’s a mixed bag out there, from existing practices retaining contracts to large well known corporates losing massive well established contracts, new groups winning bids […]


Business Advice for Dentists

Is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Sweat, stress, anxiety and sleepless nights – my business advice for dentists. Don’t kid yourself if you think owning and running a business is your path to riches and financial freedom. For many entrepreneurs there isn’t a pot of gold waiting for […]


Changes at Royal Bank of Scotland 2019

You will have seen many articles in the press regarding the process that the Royal bank of Scotland is to go through to reduce its customer base and pass customers to the “challenger banks”. The banks for the switching date of 25 February have been named as: Arbuthnot Latham & Co Ltd Clydesdale Bank plc […]


Is Cash Flow a Bit Stretched at this Time of Year?

Your dental practice’s cash flow can be stretched at this time of year due to several things; A slowdown in business over the holiday period. Extra payments due, such as tax. Cash flow has been used to buy equipment / cars for the business etc. All of these can be covered with the introduction of […]

Accountancy and Tax

Tax Payments for Dentists in 2019

As we start 2019, your accountants will be letting you know what taxes you must pay and the dates by which the payments are due. If you have not put enough aside to cover the tax liability, or you have had a great year and the liability is higher than expected, you can spread the […]


The Success of Samera Bootcamp 2018

The Setting up in Practice Bootcamp 2019 is fast approaching on January 25th in London. With 20 clients booked in, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the Samera Bootcamp 2018, held in Manchester, when we had a similar number of attendees. So, of the 20 attendees, what progress did clients make in […]


What 2018 Taught Me and How to Handle 2019

I felt writing a blog post that really reflected how I am feeling as we enter the dusk of 2018 and my thoughts on how to handle 2019. For many years, I never thought I would make it to 45 years old (but I did back in February) as my mum never made it past […]


Dental Volunteering with Bridge2Aid (B2A)

Dental Volunteering with Bridge2Aid (B2A) Almost 48 hours after leaving London Heathrow, we arrived in Chato, a 5-hour drive from Mwanza, on Lake Victoria.Exhausted, yet excited, we had taken 3 planes (an A380 as well as a Dreamliner for the plane geeks), a ferry and enjoyed a bumpy 5-hour safari drive in our trusty Toyota […]

Raising Finance

Dental Practice Loans Best Banks & Hidden Truths

Is owning a dental practice worth it? Whether you are getting a dental practice loan to buy your first – or next – practice, being a dental practice owner is one of the most rewarding experiences that the medical industry can provide. Being able to offer essential dental care and treatment to your community is […]


Samera Charity Quiz Night

Last night was the inaugural Samera Charity Quiz night, held in the City, and the funny thing is the Samera team won the quiz.(honest – it was not a fix!) Conveniently tied in with the England match, it was a fab night of fun, questions football and networking!!To make it extra special we ensured that […]


Samera Testimonial 2019: Dr Jeff Sherer from The Dental Design Studio

Samera Testimonial: Dental Accountants Dr Jeff Sherer of The Dental Design Studio discusses how the Samera Team of Business Advisors has been helping him and his partner manage their 13 Dental sites across the UK. For assistance and help with your business please get in touch with us. Follow us on YouTube for more Samera […]

Accountancy and Tax

Disguised Remuneration ….do you have a loan from a Trust?

In recent years we have seen many professionals become involved in various tax planning arrangements, many of which included trusts. Therefore, if you have and you don’t know what to do here is a quick update and the steps you should seriously consider taking. Firstly, HMRC has introduced legislation that will bite upon loan balances from […]

Accountancy and Tax

Myth Busting the London Orthodontic Tender SQ

In this recorded webinar Farisa Siddique and Laura Graham discuss their thoughts and tips on the approach to complete the London Orthodontic Tender SQ. If you wish for assistance please contact us. Myth Busting the London Orthodontic Tender SQ Keep up to date with all our latest videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel here.

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Team Development – Berlin 2018

Team Samera Hits Berlin Last week, six of us, Max, Nigel, Jules, Edel, Farisa and Arun hit Berlin for some team bonding. Despite the freezing temperatures, we warmed ourselves up with plenty of currywurst, beer, wiener schnitzel, and some more currywurst! Away from our normal routine, we had a lot of fun, but did a […]

Raising Finance

Finance and Business Loans to Buy a Dental Practice

One of the most important skills in your personal and business life is learning how to manage your finances. If you can manage this skill well, you will then be on the path to obtain finance and business loans to buy a dental practice. When you are seeking a loan to buy dental practices, banks […]

Samera News

Brexit for Dentists

The Initial Reactions Despite the mixed feelings about Brexit for dentists, we are on our way to exiting the EU. The initial reactions were pretty considerable, and the drop in the pound value has not shown any sign of a strong recovery – yet. Dropping from a pre-brexit value of around $1.55 to around $1.31 […]

Accountancy and Tax

10 Tax Saving Tips for Vets

The 2017 tax year saw many new changes in tax legislation and planning ahead is more important than ever to ensure you work within the rules to not miss out on a tax saving opportunity. In light of this, here are our top tax saving tips for vets. Selective Capital Allowances Planning Even though you may […]

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Are Dental Practice Values falling?

Back in 2007 I was heading the Merger and Acquisitions campaign for a growing dental body corporate. Our acquisitions pipeline had an average deal completion price of 104% of turnover. We grew the business from 80 to 132 practices in 3 ½ years, until merging the business with a larger corporate in 2011. In the […]

Dental Practice Sales

Falling Practice Values 2017/8

PANTA REI “everything is changing” We feel the dental market is showing cracks and valuations may peak this year, leading to falling practice values. We expect 2017 to mark the end for the bull cycle and expect prices to drop by 2018. Latest figures show that actual deal completion prices dropped by 3% from the […]

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New NHS Contracts, the impact on valuations

Changes in the NHS It is becoming more of a prospect that change is going to come in dentistry, possibly in 2-3 years and in a way of new NHS contracts. Principals who own NHS dental practices are currently facing uncertainty as to what the future Contracts will look like in terms of remuneration, with […]

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Dentistry in the UK and Europe 2016

Consolidations all around It is clear that we are fast moving from a world of one man band sole practitioners to one of multi-site practices or chains offering a variety of services to suit everyone’s needs. Dentistry in the UK and Europe is changing rapidly. Principals in the UK are using web and social media […]

Dental Practice Sales

Practice Valuations Update – September 2016

Post referendum update. It’s been over 2 months since the UK took the decision to Brexit. We have seen some instability in house price valuations, whilst the FTSE remains very strong, but what about UK Dental Practice Valuations? Perhaps its too early to say, but since the Brexit vote and up to the end of […]