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Rising energy costs: What we can save you.

With energy costs rising at record levels and looming PSTN & ISDN switch-off, it’s more important than ever for dental practices to save as much money as possible on their utility bills.  There is no price cap on commercial energy supplies, which means businesses like yours will see an even bigger increase than domestic households for gas […]

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How to finance a healthcare business

Healthcare providers have a specific set of funding needs and foten benefit from tailored solutions. There are so many ways to raise funding for your healthcare business beyond dipping into your savings. In order to fully understand the best course of action in financing your healthcare practice, we have compiled a list of the criteria […]

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8 Tips to Save Money in your Dental Practice

In this article, we take a look at the 8 ways dental practice’s can save money.

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Samera Nominated for Broker of the Year 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Samera Finance has been nominated for Commercial Mortgage Broker of the Year 2021 by NACFB. The Commercial Broker Awards recognise excellence in the intermediary community. The winners will be announced and presented with trophies at an awards ceremony on Wednesday 29th September at Edgbaston Cricket Ground – the day […]

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Our Experience Makes Your Experience Better

Most of us have an area of expertise. That expertise has been gained from years of experience working in various industries and professional environments. When you are talking through a proposal do you ever ask the person you are talking to what their experience of the situation is? I am sure that they ask you […]

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Can You Swap Shares Without Any Tax Charges?

Share for share exchanges are very common and are used for various commercial reorganisations. These exchanges often occur when forming new holding companies in order to transfer assets out of the original company. In order to ensure the transaction is tax neutral and does not succumb to any capital gains tax, stamp duty or income […]

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What Does the Super-Deduction Mean for Dentists?

From 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2023, any businesses investing in qualifying new plant and machinery assets will be able to claim: a 130% super-deduction capital allowance on qualifying assets and machinery investments a 50% first-year allowance for qualifying special rate assets The biggest business tax cut in modern British History This super-deduction allows […]

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Rishi Sunak’s Budget Update

The Dental Business Guide Podcast Episode | 3rd March 2021Arun Mehra Good afternoon. It’s Arun Mehra here on the 3rd March from the Dental Business Guide and I’ll be talking to you about the budget that was announced earlier today by Rishi Sunak. Now, there was a lot of expectation around this budget, with various […]

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How lenders want you to manage and develop a start up

In order for a lender to approve an application for finance for the purchase of premises for a squat, build work or equipment, they require a mandatory background check on you as well as the plans for your business, but they have certain internal guidelines that they want you to adhere to when formulating your […]

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Why Now May be the Best Time to Refinance

In these uncertain times that we are currently experiencing, of furloughs, lockdowns and COVID-19, we have seen extra pressure on business finances.   Having spoken to several clients, it’s our view that this may be a good opportunity to review your current financial arrangements, such as your existing business loans. Please click here to find out […]