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Are Dental Practice Values falling?

Back in 2007 I was heading the Merger and Acquisitions campaign for a growing dental body corporate. Our acquisitions pipeline had an average deal completion price of 104% of turnover. We grew the business from 80 to 132 practices in 3 ½ years, until merging the business with a larger corporate in 2011. In the […]

Dental Practice Sales

Falling Practice Values 2017/8

PANTA REI “everything is changing” We feel the dental market is showing cracks and valuations may peak this year, leading to falling practice values. We expect 2017 to mark the end for the bull cycle and expect prices to drop by 2018. Latest figures show that actual deal completion prices dropped by 3% from the […]

Dental Practice Sales

Practice Valuations Update – September 2016

Post referendum update. It’s been over 2 months since the UK took the decision to Brexit. We have seen some instability in house price valuations, whilst the FTSE remains very strong, but what about UK Dental Practice Valuations? Perhaps its too early to say, but since the Brexit vote and up to the end of […]