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How lenders want you to manage and develop a start up

In order for a lender to approve an application for finance for the purchase of premises for a squat, build work or equipment, they require a mandatory background check on you as well as the plans for your business, but they have certain internal guidelines that they want you to adhere to when formulating your […]


Trying to save UK jobs

Today, Rishi Sunak announced his latest endeavour to try and stave off a major calamity over the winter months by trying to minimise job losses over these difficult times. Whilst some may be hopeful about this initiative and that it will help many, others maybe thinking that this is just delaying the inevitable. Nevertheless, whatever […]


The End of a Decade in UK Dentistry

What Happens Next in UK Dentistry? In this video, Arun discusses dentistry in the UK over the last decade and what he thinks will happen in the next 10 years in Dentistry – Enjoy!


Teddie Puts a Smile on all our Faces

Teddie is a regular well loved visitor to our offices always putting a smile on all our faces! She’s transformed our lives in the last 18 months and even had a massive impact on the Samera business! She sits smiling on our team website page and in fact, was the reason two key team members […]


Business Advice for Dentists

Is there really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Sweat, stress, anxiety and sleepless nights – my business advice for dentists. Don’t kid yourself if you think owning and running a business is your path to riches and financial freedom. For many entrepreneurs there isn’t a pot of gold waiting for […]


Changes at Royal Bank of Scotland 2019

You will have seen many articles in the press regarding the process that the Royal bank of Scotland is to go through to reduce its customer base and pass customers to the “challenger banks”. The banks for the switching date of 25 February have been named as: Arbuthnot Latham & Co Ltd Clydesdale Bank plc […]


Is Cash Flow a Bit Stretched at this Time of Year?

Your dental practice’s cash flow can be stretched at this time of year due to several things; A slowdown in business over the holiday period. Extra payments due, such as tax. Cash flow has been used to buy equipment / cars for the business etc. All of these can be covered with the introduction of […]


The Success of Samera Bootcamp 2018

The Setting up in Practice Bootcamp 2019 is fast approaching on January 25th in London. With 20 clients booked in, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on the Samera Bootcamp 2018, held in Manchester, when we had a similar number of attendees. So, of the 20 attendees, what progress did clients make in […]


What 2018 Taught Me and How to Handle 2019

I felt writing a blog post that really reflected how I am feeling as we enter the dusk of 2018 and my thoughts on how to handle 2019. For many years, I never thought I would make it to 45 years old (but I did back in February) as my mum never made it past […]


Dental Volunteering with Bridge2Aid (B2A)

Dental Volunteering with Bridge2Aid (B2A) Almost 48 hours after leaving London Heathrow, we arrived in Chato, a 5-hour drive from Mwanza, on Lake Victoria.Exhausted, yet excited, we had taken 3 planes (an A380 as well as a Dreamliner for the plane geeks), a ferry and enjoyed a bumpy 5-hour safari drive in our trusty Toyota […]