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Do you have concerns about UDA Clawbacks?

Are you worried about completing your NHS contract this year, could this have an impact on your businesses cash-flow position? 

We know that UDAs can be missed for a number of reasons, such as a high performing associate leaving the practice or principle being unable to work due to illness, and this can cause issues with the NHS.

If this is an area that has been worrying you and could put unwanted pressure on your business, why not look to spread the costs of the clawback over affordable monthly payments with an unsecured loan over a 2-5 years?

More on UDA Clawbacks

Samera Finance are experienced healthcare brokers with a banking background with access to many asset finance providers. It’s always best to explore the market and see what is available rather than just approaching a single lender.

Please contact us directly if you wish to explore your options.

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