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What does your dental practice look like?

Most people don’t actually realise this, but you don’t have to go old-school or traditional with how your dental practice looks. Most dental practice owners, especially new ones, need to realise that traditional doesn’t necessarily mean successful anymore.

What do you want your dental practice to look like? What do you want your dental practice to feel like?

Most people stick with the plain, white, ‘surgical’ look that they have seen in dental offices their whole lives. Some prefer for their dental offices to look as professional as can be which to some people means, plain white walls and simple decor.

However, when the cost is marginally different, you can go with a whole different look. You can go differently with the type of design you pick depending on what you are trying to do. Are you trying to make more money? Are you stressed out because the current design is inefficient? Are you growing and booked out so far that you can’t see patients fast enough?

Sure, many dental offices look the same. That means you look exactly like them, it means you’re just another normal old dental practice ‘just like the rest’ in competition with one another. What worked 20 years ago, does not necessarily work today.

If you are trying to make your patients choose you instead of the dentist down the road, if you are trying to stand out in an industry that is already quite crowded, let your work speak for itself and design your practice differently!

What used to work is now seen as ‘mainstream’, sticking with what works isn’t a bad thing, but trying to switch things up may work a lot more in your favour in the long run. 

If you’re looking for a sign to redesign your practice without crisp white walls with the hospital blue accents, this is your sign!

Since your business is in the healthcare sector, you need to ensure that your dental office designers are all conscious of patient well-being throughout the entire design process.

Most people do not enjoy visiting the dentist, in fact it is often the most daunting idea for many people. So how do you slip out of this awful cliche? Maybe try something new with the design.

The planning and design of your practice must reflect intense attention to the little details that will help create a sense of comfort, trust and even style to your practice as well as offering patient privacy.

Lighting and ceiling design as well as colour selection and material finishes amongst many other design factors are all, in their own right, keys to achieving an inviting and appealing environment. 

Being different is good, but a good designer will be able to marry the idea of keeping the dental office classy and clean with hints of your ideas. Since dentistry has become increasingly competitive, dental professionals should ideally make their practices distinctly different from their competitors down the road. 

The main differences will lie in the services offered and the quality of them and how they are delivered; however, your dental practice needs to attract the clients to begin with. 

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