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  • UK healthcare sector
  • Patient Education
  • SEO and Digital Marketing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Content Strategy


  • Worked with Lumina Datamatics as a content writer and editor for 3.5 years.
  • Currently working at Samera as Junior content writer


  • Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Psychology
  • Content Writing Master Course (CWMC) at IIM SKILLS
  • Content Marketing Certified at HubSpot Academy

Neha Jain is a skilled content writer with a rich background in business and financial knowledge. With a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Psychology, Neha has honed her writing skills, furthering her expertise with the Content Writing Master Course (CWMC) at IIM SKILLS and a Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy.

Neha works closely with our experts consultants and strategists are Samera to create content that explains the complicated world of healthcare businesses to our clients and healthcare professionals.

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