Dental Associate Expenses Guide

Samera’s Dental Associate Expenses Guide

In truth, you can only claim for those items that arise as a result of you carrying out your profession of Dentistry. Whilst it may feel nice to try and put everything through the books, this can quite often or not end you up in trouble with HMRC that’s why the Samera team have put together a Dental Associates Expenses Guide.

What can a Dental Associate claim for?

So when it comes to preparing your annual tax return, a degree of good judgement needs to be used to assess whether something is allowable for tax purposes.

Travel from home to practice is a big no no, however, if you travel between practices on a regular basis and keep records to support such journey costs, then this is allowable for tax purposes. Mileage records must be maintained – HMRC just love to investigate such mileage claims and then find that there are not any!

If you use a computer for your business, then some or even all of the capital cost could be claimed on your behalf.

New loupes, or other new kit? Then potentially this can also be claimed for.

Good Judgement is Essential

In respect of training, if you are building on existing knowledge, then this is usually deemed to provide you with CPD, which can then be claimed for. However, brand new knowledge is usually not deemed to be allowable, so again some judgement needs to be used on this aspect.

The Samera Dental Associates Expenses Guide

We have listed below common key expenses you can claim for in your self assessment tax return.

  • Travel for business purposes at 45p/mile, and this includes travel to any courses or visiting accountants etc. We would suggest keeping a diary of business travel through the year so that you don’t have to do all of this at once at the year end. You cannot claim mileage to a regular place of work but can claim for travel to other dental practices where this is irregular
  • Alternatively, you may put the cost of your car through your business, along with the costs of repairs, MOTs, servicing and fuel receipts. However, we would be required to remove the non-business usage proportion of these costs. For example, if you estimate that you have used your vehicle for 20% business use and 80% private use, then we would disallow 80% of these costs. The 20% that has been claimed may still be more than the alternative option of claiming mileage at 45p/mile.
  • Any other business travel costs such as trains/taxis etc.
  • Training and Course costs that are to ‘update pre-existing knowledge’, such as annual update courses etc. Course costs that enhance your technical knowledge cannot be claimed as a business expense. You have to tread carefully here as we have seen clients get into trouble with HMRC on this aspect.
  • Subscriptions to the BDA, GDC etc.
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Legal advice relating to business matters
  • Cleaning/laundry costs
  • Printing, postage and stationery for business purposes
  • Any dental materials purchased
  • Accountancy costs!
  • Any website or marketing costs you might incur
  • A proportion of your telephone bills relating to business use
  • A proportion of your home bills due to having an office at home to administer your business and put accounts records together (the HMRC flat rate is £4/week but this may be more depending on evidence provided)
  • Loupes or other equipment that you will use for the purpose of your business
  • Cost of study texts that you previously purchased as you will refer to these for the purpose of your business
  • In addition, your business could ‘buy’ from you the cost of your personal laptop and printer that you use to administer the business if you have these
  • The above list isn’t ‘exhaustive’ so please feel free to ask if there is an expense that you have paid and are unsure whether you can claim. There is no additional fee for asking about these.

For any help on preparing your annual self assessment return please contact us.

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