Financial Due Diligence

We provide support in reviewing all financial and tax records, system reviews and overall business assessments.

“The Samera team is a seasoned player in providing a due diligence service to buyers of dental practices. Our experts have combined the experience of over 20 years in buying, selling and setting up dental practices. We understand the business of dentistry implicitly so can help you in assessing all the financial aspects of a dental practice.”

Arun Mehra


Our approach is rigorous yet realistic as not all dental practices financial management systems are the same. We request key information in the form of checklists, and then run through in detail all aspects of the target practice financials.

We provide support in reviewing all financial and tax records, system reviews and overall business assessments.

As we have extensive knowledge of dental practices and the issues they face, we know the areas to look for problems and of course, they know the right questions to ask.

Our Checklist

If you are a person or represent an organisation that is considering a deal then you need to ensure that you thoroughly check all the assumptions that you are making that deal.

Financial due diligence can provide peace of mind to buyers, by analyzing and validating all the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions being made.

It can utilize past trading performances to form a coherent view of the future and confirm that there are no potential pitfalls involved in any transaction.

The key components in any dental acquisition due diligence of a dental practice are investigating, verifying and understanding:

  • The financial affairs of the target practice, including valuations
  • The market the practice operates in
  • The commercial sustainability of the business
  • The operational structure, including internal processes and systems
  • Any synergistic opportunities or savings arising out of acquisition
  • A sensible deal structure

Due diligence can also provide the framework for constructing a realistic strategic plan for the newly acquired business by highlighting and commenting on any inherent weaknesses or strengths, as well as identifying potential opportunities for new growth or exploitation of new markets.

Financial Due Diligence with Samera

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