Free Cash Flow Spreadsheet Template

Please find below a very simple cash flow statement tool which I urge you to use to help you manage your cash flow over the coming months.

There are some made up numbers in there currently. Clear them all out and enter your own figures.

If you are forced to close, you will still have overheads to pay – use this tool as a starting point to plan your cash needs.

How does the tool work

  1. The light pink cells require you to enter your monthly income and expenses each month. If you close for a period of time, you may have ZERO income in those months BUT still have the expenses.
  2. Cell B34 (green colour) details your approximate current bank balance in your business.
  3. Once you have entered these key figures you will then see in row 34, your cash bank balance based on your forecast scenarios at differing time points.
  4. You may also need to take into account tax payments too, the spreadsheet can be adjusted by you for your needs.
  5. The tool will then say in row 34 your funding shortfall, if you have one, and the approximate cash you will need to raise.

Personally, I suggest you plan for the worse case scenario and work out the cash you actually require to keep your business ready for when things do turnaround – as they will at some point.

If using spreadsheets is not your strong point, let us know, we can help you, but we are dealing with these on a first come first served basis.

What Next?

Once you have worked out how much cash you think you will need to survive this unexpected downturn – either by using personal funds, or raising further funds from lenders.

If you need some short term finance, first ask your existing bank, if they cannot assist promptly, get in touch, Nigel or Dan our financing experts who may be able to assist.

Book your call with Nigel or Dan here.

Further Information on Raising Finance

You can find out more about working with Samera and the financial services we offer by booking a free virtual consultation with one of the Samera team or by reading more about our financial services at the links below.

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