Suppliers and Partners

By working with Samera, you can ensure your clients get the finance they need, when they need.

Samera Finance are experts at sourcing finance for businesses all across the UK’s health sector. From assets to acquisitions, we help our clients source the funding they need to start, build and grow their businesses. 

When your clients need extra funding, we source the best deal from across the UK’s lending market at no cost to the client!

Why waste time and money on a lead who cannot afford your products in the end?

Why waste time and money waiting for the client to source their own finance?

Why not work with Samera Finance to make sure your clients get the funding they need to purchase your services quickly and comfortably? 

Why should you partner with Samera Finance?

Our team are former bankers with a wealth of experience and a wide-ranging network within the UK’s healthcare lending industry. We’ve been helping the UK’s medical health professionals finance their businesses for 20 years. 

Not only do we know finance, we know healthcare too. 

We understand your clients’ financial needs and we understand their industry requirements. 

Not only do we help find the best finance solutions for your clients, we also support them in the application process. This helps ensure they get the funding they need, when they need it. Which in turn means you make the sale you need, when you need it.

Get in touch to find out how Samera can help your business.