Cyber Security

Cyber Awareness Training

  • Train your team.
  • Guard your data.
  • Protect your practice.

How secure is your practice?

Assess its current ‘Cyber Security Level’.

Your dental practice is at risk if you do not have a cyber security strategy in place. 

Cyber security is one of the most important, but least understood parts of running a dental practice. We can make it easy. 

With Samera’s cyber awareness training, you can turn your team into a human firewall that protects your data, patients and business. 

By training your team how to spot cyber threats, use security software and stop cyber attacks, you can keep your data secure, your patients safe and your business protected. 

Remember that it’s not just your own financial data that is at risk from hackers. All of the medical records you keep are targets too

Cyber criminals used to focus on identity theft. Now, however, they have graduated to hijacking your entire system, stealing bank details, selling sensitive patient data and putting your entire operation at risk.


Is my dental practice at risk?

Yes, your practice is at risk. 

All businesses are at risk from attack by hackers, dental practices are no different. In fact, dental practices are specific targets for cyber criminals.

Not only do you hold accounting and financial records for your business, you also hold extensive data and records on your patients. This patient data and your own financial records are prime targets for cyber attack.

The problem is that you can install all the right software and protect your data with all the right tools and programmes, but if your employees aren’t trained in cyber security, it may all be for nothing.

Human error is one of the biggest factors when it comes to surviving a cyber attack. By training your staff properly in cyber security, they will be able to better respond in the event of an attack. You can reduce human error and turn your team into a human firewall. 

Not only that, but hackers will actually target businesses with poor cyber security. By not taking cyber security seriously, you make yourself a target.

When you train your team and provide them with all the tools they need to protect your business, you create a human firewall which can spot threats, prevent attacks and deal with problems if they occur.

Cyber Security Assessment

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Man in the Middle Attacks

Man in the Middle (MitM) Attacks

Phisical Access

Physical Access

Click here to read more about 10 essential cyber security steps for dentists.


What we can do to help?

We can train your team in cyber awareness and cyber security and give them the tools they need to keep your practice safe from attack.

It’s not enough to have all the best software, your team need to know how to use it.

We can provide the right security products and, most importantly, the training your team needs to use them properly, know what to look for and respond if your business is hacked.

We can turn your team into a human firewall to keep your business and data safe.

  • Full Endpoint Protection
  • Training
  • Threat Analysis

If you want to find out more about the threats dental practices face online and what you can do to protect your business, contact us today. 

Cyber Security Products

Samera accountancy and finance team have 3 different security products installed.

Owned by ESET

  1. Endpoint Protection (Anti-Virus) (Server File Security)
  2. Full Disk Encryption with expiring password every 90 days
  3. Dynamic Threat Defense (Ai threat defense – it learns new / potential attacks

Using ESET as our security provider means that we have full control over the staff laptops. Should we have a problem with a specific computer, we can remotely log in using AnyDesk and fix the issue. ESET also allows quarantining potential malicious files. If need be, ESET can send the file to admin to inspect – all remotely. If ESET detects a threat, it will notify the admin NOT the user; this greatly reduces the risk of exploitation from the user.

Using the ESET Portal – we can see all computers in a dashboard and easily see if the products have detected any issues. From the dashboard we can update not only the software installed on the computers, but even the operating system itself.

All new computers are set up with all ESET products, Office 365 and AnyDesk.

We use AnyDesk for remote login and control. It has been set up that the admin can log on to any computer at any given moment and take control. This severely reduces the time it takes to help staff members with any issues they are facing.

Full Endpoint Protection

Being a partner of ESET, we will ensure the full ESET Cloud Protection is installed on your machines. All data will be encrypted and secure. Using a password that you can set at your own discretion will allow access to the computer when it is turned on.

We offer a full management – we will monitor your machines that ensure that if there are any compromised computers, we will ensure the breach is taken care of as swiftly as possible.

Because we manage all the computers, we will ensure that they are all kept up to date following Microsoft’s security updates. Limiting the potential risk of a breach.


On our web portal you will have access to our learning centre which is filled with information to keep your staff and yourself secure. Following the guidelines from the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), we can help guide you on keeping you and your business secure.

Once a year we will host a training day where we will teach members of staff how to spot phishing emails and links, the importance of strong passwords and lastly, secure habits, such as ensuring that no computer is left unlocked.

Threat Analysis

We can do simulated attacks to see where there are weaknesses in your network, and how you can fix them. Simulating phishing attacks to ensure your staff can correctly identify a phishing attempt and making sure they follow the correct guidelines when being presented with a phishing attack.


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Why is cyber security training important?

All the cyber security programmes and products in the world are useless if your employees aren’t trained in cyber security. Every business’s biggest weakness, when it comes to cyber security, is their employees.

If your employees don’t know how to use the software, if they don’t know how to spot a phishing scam email, if they don’t know what to do in the event of an attack, then they are putting you and your patients at risk.

Your team needs to form a human firewall, spotting and stopping problems and attacks before they can cause damage.

Which browsers are supported?

Our programmes support most modern internet browsers, such as: IE 11 and above, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari and more.

How is my data secured?

We use fully compliant and ISO-certified software, servers and data storage to protect your data. External access to your data is completely prohibited and we only store the essential data we need to keep your business safe. All email address will be encrypted and are never shared, sold or seen by any third parties.

My practice already uses a Learning Management system.

Our content is SCORM compliant and can be provided alongside your existing LMS. We will still be able to use our software to report on and analyse things like how many employees are in training, what they have been trained in etc.

How many employees can I enroll?

Our software is built in the cloud and, therefore, can host and support as many employees as required.